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Retail Store Marketing Tactics That You Should Include In Your 2020 Business Plan

Which one will you consider? Ordering from e-stores or going to a brick-and-mortar retail store? As seen through survey, 85% of shoppers prefer going to the brick-and-mortar retail store than order from e-stores. Therefore, which is the best retailer marketing tactic if you consider this information? If your retail shops is looking to be on top of the game, their marketing must be inventive such that it reaches the potential client. So, what is your retail brand plan? Do you have fresh retail market tactics that you are planning to include in your business plan Keep in mind that there is no business that can succeed if it doesn’t have customers. Always have these at the back of your mind when coming up with your retail store marketing plan. Check out some of the business strategies that will attract new people to your store.

Have a loyalty program or a referral program. Rewarding customers with points after purchasing, a birthday rebate or a gift card for suggesting your store to another person is an ideal way to attract people to your business and keep them coming back. Clients will treasure any company that gives items to their new customers and recognize their repetitive customers. When clients expect to get an incentive from spending a certain amount of money in your store; they will always come back.

Take advantage of prominent individuals in social media. Right now, geofencing mobile influential people are on a rampage. People who have a significant number of followers can work miracles for your business. They have loyal followers that believe them,look up to them and want to be like them. If an influencer uses or wears an item that you are selling, it will entice new customers into your store.

How about you try geofencing approach? I’m sure you have noticed that there are ads that keep popping up on the apps which you use. So, how can you reach that level? Companies are using what is called geofencing mobile geofencing. An unreal fence is drawn around a particular area. An individual, upon entering the drawn area they are included as the audience who will be getting geofencing mobile ads on their social media feeds and other apps.

Give customers something that will entice them to come back. Hold distinctive mobile geofencing events. Select items which are unique to your store and can be obtained in store only. Offer discount vouchers to customers that can only be used in the store.

Make connections with the community. Partner with the community groups and offer a fraction of the sales on a certain day to their group. You can also add in products produced by local artists. Sponsor a community sports team. This way, you will entice the local people to support your business.

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